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First Lady Tran Thanh Kiem Received a Royal Welcome in the Island of the Gods

UBUD, Bali, Nov 18, 2001. The first lady of Vietnam Mrs. Tran Thanh Kiem received very warm welcome from Indonesian First Lady Ani Yudhoyono during her visit to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia for the Spouse Programme held at the fine art Museum Rudana. Attending with Mrs. Kiem was the wives of U.N. Secretary General Mrs. Ban Soon-taek, Korean President Mrs. Kim Yoon-ok, Indian PM Mrs. Gursharan Kaur, Singapore PM Mrs. Hong Chin, Cambodian PM Mrs. Bun Rany Hun Sen and U.N. Secretary General Khun Alissa. The spouses of the leaders Friday made a visit to Museum Rudana, aimed at introducing Indonesian and Bali’s cultural richness, as one of the side events organized during 19th ASEAN Summit and the Related Summits on November 17-19.

Arriving at the Museum at 11.00 am, Mrs. Tran Thanh Kiem was royally welcome by rows of Balinese dancers who saluted her in Balinese style while the sound of the traditional music, gamelan accompanied her towards the venue. Then Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono who then adorned a frangipani flower on her ear received her.

Mrs. Tran Thanh Kiem seems to enjoy the Spouse Programme at the Museum during which she inspected the Museum’s collection of the Balinese and Indonesian paintings from Balinese Maestros and from other islands as well as from overseas. She also took delight in watching the Balinese artists, young and old work on their artwork. The Spouse Programme, focusing on the artistic and cultural activities managed to give relax and comfortable cultural diplomacy amidst the diversity of political and social background of each country participating in the Summit, was one of most important series of activities for the first ladies of participating Head of States. (Bundhowi, Bali, 11-18-2011).

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