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Panca Tan Matra A Note from Nyoman Muka

It is my great honor to have the opportunity to express a few words regarding the young remarkable figure, Putu Supadma . Personally, to me it was quite amazing that Putu Rudana, as people normally call him, coordinated a wedding ceremony that incorporated a fine art exhibition of Indonesian maestros, namely Srihadi Soedarsono, Nyoman Gunarsa, Made Wianta and other artists of high caliber on 29 October 2009 at Bali Intercontenental Hotel at Jimbaran, Bali, during which he reiterated a few concepts of his life.

Eloquently, he clarified life as meeting ground for micro cosmos and macro cosmos, in other words physical and spiritual, which is known as Tri Hita Karana or Manusmesti (Semar).

Few quotes that I noted from his speech are:
1)The problem of the worlds is the problem of man,
2) Man is and what he is conscious of,
3) the consciousness is confined by knowledge and experience,
4) Whenever the knowledge transcends the experience, it results in the inner conflict which will be reflected out to the outer conflict that becomes the phenomena of the world today,
5) Our efforts to get knowledge and experience are in the state of equilibrium,
6) We can achieve “Mahardika” or Merdeka or freedom, but sometimes, unexpectedly we run to wrongly essence,
7) The dharma or essence of life is called (also known as bakthi or kasih) is an effort to attain peace, tranquility and oneness to God’s creation to achieve a sustainable and harmonious pattern of society.

To achieve the above ideal one should posses several characteristics abbreviated to SEMAR: Saptagama, Ekaprana (Angkus Prana), Mrawabani, Ayuning, Rat.

The seven above philosophical quotes (Saptagama/ Sapta Rsi or known as Angkus Prana) became the basis for few activities organized at Museum Rudana. The Angkus Prana awards have been awarded to seven important figures consisting of 2 (two) priests and 5 (five) spiritual gurus during Bali Yoga Festival from 5 to 7 November, 2010 hosted by Museum Rudana and directed by Putu Supadma Rudana as the President Director of the museum.

Such accomplishment of incorporating spiritual events into the fine art activities followed another collaborative event of fine art and world class jazz concert combining Dwiki Dharmawan jazz band, the top star guitar player, Toninho Horta from Brazil and the local Balinese music Jegog directed by Winda, a prominent traditional Balinese musician in 13 October 2010. The collaboration of such diverse arts were conceived by the Putu Rudana who named the event Panca Tan Matra (The Five Essential Senses) covering Sabda (sound), Rupa (images), Sparsa (touch), Rasa (feeling), Gandha (fragrance) – all signifying a collaboration of music and painting exhibition.

At such young age Putu Rudana has conceived a lot of ideas and coordinated high caliber art activities in such different ways from others. Therefore, it is quite reasonable that he has received a number of acclaims such as Mr. Excellent from H. E. The President of Republic of Indonesia; Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Mr. Synergy from Mr. Joop Ave (ex. Minister of Tourism, Post and Telecommunication), Mr. Smart from Mr. Jero Wacik (Minister of Culture and Tourism).

Therefore, to conclude this note, let me express my pride to have met a such talented person who has devoted his time and energy tirelessly to maintain Indonesian fine art heritage and develop them further to be recognized around the globe. Such devotion was very well expressed during his interview with Metro TV in August, 2010: My loyalty to myself ends when my loyalty to my country begins. My Loyalty to the country ends when my loyalty to humanity begins. My loyalty to humanity ends when my loyaly to the universe begins. And, my loyalty to universe ends whenever my loyalty to the God begins.

To me, Putu Supadma Rudana, who sums up his devotion as: I am is I am, is indeed an admirable person.

Nyoman Muka,
Advisor to Museum Rudana

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