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Panca Tan Matra Jazz Festival @ Museum Rudana

Following the success of Angkus Prana another successful event was organized by the Rudana – a collaborative event of fine art and world class jazz concert combining Dwiki Dharmawan jazz band, the top star guitar player, Toninho Horta from Brazil and the local Balinese music Jegog directed by Winda, a prominent traditional Balinese musician on 13 October 2010. The collaboration of such diverse arts were conceived by the Putu Rudana who named the event Panca Tan Matra (The Five Essential Senses) covering Sabda (sound), Rupa (images), Sparsa (touch), Rasa (feeling), Gandha (fragrance).

- Brazilian : international jazz musician, Toninho Horta in action rehearsing. His guitar has kept everyone at awe when he performed Moon River as it was performed during the full moon at Museum Rudana.
- A jazz jam session with Dwiki Dharmawan : the leading jazz musician with his orchestra. Everyone was thrilled and needed more of their performances. What a fantastic night it was.
- Traditional Balinese gamelan : in collaboration with modern jazz. East meets West – giving birth to musical harmony.
- Contemporary Angkus Prana performance : an interpretation of Panca tan matra.

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